Access PDF files of our most popular product and corporate literature.

General Information
 Woods Equipment Company's Capabilities
 Woods Product Guide
 Woods Construction Product Brand Overview
 Woods/Massey Ferguson Product Guide

Finish Mowers
 Finish Mowers Full Line B07072.pdf

Flail Shredders
 Flail Shredders Full Line B07061.pdf
 B011301 End Drive Shredder Intro.pdf

Landscape Equipment
 B041601 Woods Kinetic Brochure.pdf
 B04024 LandscapeEquipment.pdf
 Grading Scrapers - Dare To Compare.pdf
 B071701 HLS27 INTRO.pdf
 B111501 Disc Harrows Series Intro.pdf
 B051601 ROTARYTILLERS 30-40Series DTC.pdf
 B051602 ROTARYTILLERS 30-40Series INTRO.pdf

 Loaders Full Line B11082.pdf

Rotary Cutters
 Single-Spindle B07080.pdf
 Multi-Spindle B04091.pdf
 Batwing Rotary Cutters B04093.pdf
 Batwing 15 Foot Models.pdf
 RC-Series Cutters.pdf
 BW12 Batwing Dare To Compare.pdf

Skid Steer Attachments
 Skid Steer Attachments Full Line F6971.pdf

Snow Blowers
 Snow Blowers Full Line B021101.pdf

Zero-Turn Mowers
 Zero-Turn Mowers Full Line B06010.pdf
 FZ22K Dare To Compare.pdf

 Backhoes Full Line B12083.pdf

Wheel Loader Attachments
 CF Hydraulic Thumb (Material Clamp) (B06023).pdf
 CF TLB and 4WD Loader Quick Coupler System Bulletin.pdf
 CF Universal Rigid Thumb (B03051).pdf
 Dare to Compare - Excavator Bucket Weight Comparison.pdf
 Direct Pin Coupler for Compact Excavators TLBs and 9 MT Excavators Bulletin.pdf
 Gannon Industrial Scrapers (F018).pdf
 Gannon Loader Bucket (F025).pdf
 Gannon Multi-Purpose Buckets (F021).PDF
 Gannon Trenching Bucket (F1012).pdf
 Wain-Roy Jaw Buckets (F024).pdf
 Wain-Roy Quick Coupling Grapple (F019).pdf
 Wain-Roy Swinger Coupler System (F9991).pdf
 Wain-Roy XLS Quick Coupler System (F9981).pdf
 Wain-Roy XLS Quick Coupler System (F9981).pdf
 Woods Construction Equipment Product Brand Overview (F9008).pdf
 CF Dozer Rake.pdf
 CF Ditching Grading Buckets.pdf
 B091301 Gannon Trenching Bucket INTRO.pdf

Compact Excavator Attachments
 Wain-Roy XLS Bucket Shim Adjustment.pdf
 Wain-Roy XLS Coupler Features.pdf
 Hydraulic Loader Coupler for TLBs and 4WD Loaders.pdf
 CE JB Coupler.pdf