Hydraulic Log Splitters

We have pre-designed PDF ads, a direct mail postcard and animated/rotating web banner ad for the Woods Limited Edition HLS27 Log Splitter. The ads note whether they include the special retail financing and free log catcher offer (available in September and October). There are also individual graphic elements to help you create your own marketing materials with the same creative look and feel as the campaign. To obtain co-op pre-approval of any materials you develop please email them to marketing@woodsequipment.com for review.

Note: All files updated as of 12/1/2017

Ad TypeAvailable Ads
Color Print3x7 HLS27 Ad No Promo
Color Print4x10 HLS27 Ad No Promo
Color Print4X10 HLS27 Custom Price Ad
Color PrintFull HLS27 Ad No Promo
Color PrintTab HLS27 Ad No Promo
Color PrintPostcard HLS27 Ad No Promo
ImageWeb Banner 300 x 250 No Promo
ImageWeb Banner 728 x 90 No Promo