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Wheel Loader Attachments | CF® General Purpose Wheel Loader Bucket

  • Compatible with popular JRB® style couplers
  • Your choice of 3-piece or 4-piece OEM style bolt-on cutting edges
  • Flat top edge helps you level the bucket for peak performance
  • Replaceable, bolt-on skid shoes and cutting edges are easy to maintain and increase the longevity of your bucket
  • Made with US grade 50 KSI yield steel, and 100 KSI yield in high-wear areas, for long life and durability
  • Slope bottom design features a 5% raised dump angle, and better roll and fill to increase performance
  • Intended for dirt, gravel and loose materials up to 3,000 lbs per cu yd*

*Do not overload bucket. Refer to OEM machine and coupler manual for appropriate bucket sizing.

Dig in, dump, load, and move more with this new CF® bucket from
Woods Construction Equipment


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