Rotary Cutters

Since 1946, Woods has grown to become the undisputed mowing expert. This legacy began with development of the first tractor-mounted rotary cutter and continues today with unmatched product innovation and service.

Put our products to the test in your own back yard. Rugged, dependable and productive – Woods rotary cutters are designed for the extremes of real world use. No matter if you’re cutting brush or mowing pastures, Woods has the rotary cutter to fit your needs.

Woods rotary cutters – dedicated to craftsmanship and innovation for more than 60 years.

Filter Equipment By:

Product Sub-Category     

Sub-CategoryModelPTO HorsepowerWorking width 
Batwing® Cutters BW12 35 hp minimum 
Batwing® Cutters BW1260X 65-250 hp126"
Batwing® Cutters BW126X 45 - 160 hp126"
Batwing® Cutters BW126XHD 55-235 hp126"
Batwing® Cutters BW15LH 40-90 hp180"
Batwing® Cutters BW1620X 70-300 hp162"
Batwing® Cutters BW1800X 65-250 hp180"
Batwing® Cutters BW180X 45-160 hp180"
Batwing® Cutters BW180XHD 55-235 hp180"
Batwing® Cutters BW240 70-200 hp240"
Batwing® Cutters BW2400X 70-300 hp240"
Batwing® Cutters BW240HD 70-300 hp240"
Brushbull™ Single-spindle Cutters BB48X 15 - 50 hp48"
Brushbull™ Single-spindle Cutters BB6000X 40 - 150 hp60"
Brushbull™ Single-spindle Cutters BB600X 30 - 120 hp60"
Brushbull™ Single-spindle Cutters BB60X 25 - 50 hp60"
Brushbull™ Single-spindle Cutters BB7200X 50 - 150 hp72"
Brushbull™ Single-spindle Cutters BB720X 30–120 hp72"
Brushbull™ Single-spindle Cutters BB72X 30 - 65 hp72"
Brushbull™ Single-spindle Cutters BB8400X 65 - 200 hp84"
Brushbull™ Single-spindle Cutters BB840X 40 - 120 hp84"
Brushbull™ Single-spindle Cutters BB840X-P 40 - 120 hp84"
Brushbull™ Single-spindle Cutters BB84X 35 - 90 hp84"
Ditch Bank Cutters S105 40 - 90 hp5'
Ditch Bank Cutters S106 50 - 90 hp6'
Economy Single-spindle Cutters HC48 15–45 hp48"
Economy Single-spindle Cutters HC54 15–45 hp54"
Economy Single-spindle Cutters HC60 20–50 hp60"
Economy Single-spindle Cutters HC72 20–50 hp72"
Economy Single-spindle Cutters RCC42 15–30 hp42"
Multi-Spindle Cutters D80 Pull Type 25 - 75 hp80"
Multi-Spindle Cutters DO80 Pull Type Offset 35 - 75 hp80"
Multi-Spindle Cutters DS120 Pull Type 40 hp120"
Multi-Spindle Cutters DS1260 Pull Type 50 hp pull, semi-mounted126"
Multi-Spindle Cutters DS1440 Pull Type 50 hp pull, semi-mounted144"
Multi-Spindle Cutters DS96 Pull Type 35 hp96"
Multi-Spindle Cutters DSO1260 Offset Semi-Mount 50 hp126"
Multi-Spindle Cutters MD80 Mounted 25 hp80"
Multi-Spindle Cutters MDO80 Mounted Offset 40 hp80"
Multi-Spindle Cutters MDS120 Mounted 60 hp120"
Multi-Spindle Cutters MDS96 Mounted 35 hp96"
Multi-Spindle Cutters MTS1680 Mounted 70 hp168"
Multi-Spindle Cutters TS1680 Pull Type 90 hp with front weight mounted168"
RC-Series Single-spindle Cutters RC3.5 12 hp minimum3.5 ft
RC-Series Single-spindle Cutters RC4 15 hp minimum4 ft
RC-Series Single-spindle Cutters RC5 18 hp minimum5 ft
RC-Series Single-spindle Cutters RC6 21 hp minimum6 ft