Landscape Equipment | FPS84 Food Plot Seeders

  • 84-inch working width
  • Tractor HP range: 35-85
  • Three-point hitch: Cat 1 and 2
  • Plant up to three different seeds at two different depths: Shallow broadcast and/or deeper rows
  • Three seed box choices: One cool season and two legume
  • All seed boxes can be engaged/disengaged independently, with a single lynch pin – no tools required
  • Easily and accurately adjust seeding rates with a single lever
  • Front disc blades can be angled to work the dirt more aggressively
  • ASABE quick-hitch compatibility ensures faster, easier and safer hook-ups

No-till food plot seeder - Ideal for hunters and small acreage farmers


Tractor Engine HP35-85 hp
Tractor hitchCat 1 & 2
Working width84"
Drive typeground
Number of seed boxes available3
Seed meteringfluted seed cup
Seed box ratio1-speed
Cool season seed boxstandard
Cool Season Seed Box Capacity (bushel)7.00
Legume seed box2 optional
Legume seed box capacity (bushel)1.75
Disc blades(12) standard, 18" notched
ASABE quick-hitch compatibleyes
Cast iron or nylon trailing cultipackeroptional (9.5" diameter cast iron or 11" diameter nylon)
Calibration traystandard
Crank handlestandard
Mud scrapersoptional
Frame platformoptional