BH6000 Specifications

  • 6-foot maximum digging depth
  • Tractor HP range: 15-30 hp
  • Bucket options include 9-inch trenching, 12-inch all-purpose digging and 16-inch max-capacity digging
  • Designed for tight spaces and hard-to-reach digging and trenching jobs in the yard, garden and pasture
  • Built specifically for subcompact tractors
  • Operates with most loaders and undermount mowers attached
  • Easy transport due to high ramp angle and ground clearance
  • Optional mechanical thumb to easily pick up bulky materials
  • Available in black or paint colors to match most tractor brands

Tractor Horsepower15 - 30 hp
Digging Depth - 2: Flat Bottom74"
Digging Depth - 8' Flat Bottom47"
Reach From Swing Pivot96.3"
Loading Height54.5"
Loading Reach35.5"
Transport Height60"
Swing Arc150°
Bucket Rotation180°
Rated Pressure1,780 psi
Bucket Digging Force2,200 lbs.
Dipperstick Digging Force1,180 lbs.
9" Trenching.63 cubic feet
12" All-Purpose.9 cubic feet
16" Max-Capacity1.31 cubic feet

Note: Specifications may vary depending on tractor.

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