Load or haul any material with Woods Groundmover-X Front-end Loaders.

Engineered with convenience and ruggedness in mind, Woods Loaders are perfect for commercial landscaping jobs or around the farm or ranch. The mid-attaching loader boom provides optimal visibility and maneuverability for those tight places. The wrench-less, two-pin mid-attach mount system offers greater flexibility for your tractor. The unique 4-bar bucket linkage allows a 35-degree bucket roll-back angle for less material loss and a 50-degree bucket dump angle to ensure complete emptying. And Woods Front-end Loaders can be painted to match almost any tractor brand – completing your professional look.

Which model is right for you?

ModelTractor TypeTractor HP RangeBucket WidthMax Lift HeightLift Capacity
LC102 Compact20 - 40 hp60", 66"102"1,650 lbs
LC108 Compact28 - 50 hp60", 66", 72"108"2,375 lbs
LC114 Compact30 - 50 hp60", 66", 72"114"2,400 lbs
LU126 Utility45 - 90 hp72", 84"126"3,000 lbs
LU132 Utility45 - 90 hp72", 84"132"3,500 lbs
LF138 Farm70 - 110 hp84”, 96”138"4,280 lbs
LU215 Farm50 - 100 hp72", 84"138"3,550 lbs
LF156 Farm85 - 140 hp84”, 96”156"4,850 lbs
LS72 Sub-Compact15 - 25 hp48", 54"72"650 lbs
LS84 Sub-Compact20 - 30 hp48", 54", 60"84"1,000 lbs
LC96 Compact20 - 35 hp60", 66"96"1,200 lbs
LS96 Sub-Compact20 - 30 hp60"96"1,125 lbs
LS96R Sub-Compact20 - 30 hp60"96"1,175 lbs

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