Landscape Equipment

Often imitated, but never duplicated, Woods offers a full line of rugged, high-quality attachments with innovative features that increase productivity, maximize performance, and minimize down time – whether they’re needed for commercial use or general lawn care projects.

Over 55 years of experience engineering and manufacturing landscape equipment has created a line of reliable, high-quality tools to meet, and exceed, the demands of our customers from professional landscapers to property owners. Trust Woods for all your landscaping needs.

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Sub-CategoryModelTractor Engine HPWorking width 
Rear Blades HBL72-2 30-75 hp 71"
Rear Blades HBL84-2 30-75 hp83"
Rear Blades HBL96-2 30-75 hp95"
Rear Blades RB1010 80-150 hp119"
Rear Blades RB72.50 30-65 hp71"
Rear Blades RB750 50-100 hp83"
Rear Blades RB84.50 30-65 hp 83"
Rear Blades RB84.60 40-85 hp 83"
Rear Blades RB850 50-100 hp95"
Rear Blades RB96.50 30-65 hp 95"
Rear Blades RB96.60 40-85 hp 95"
Rear Blades RB990 80-150 hp107"
Rear Blades RBC60 up to 25 hp59"
Rear Blades RBS54 up to 30 hp53"
Rear Blades RBS60 up to 30 hp59"
Rear Blades RBS60P 20-45 hp59"
Rear Blades RBS72 up to 30 hp71"
Rear Blades RBS72P 20-45 hp71"
Rear Blades RBS84P 20-45 hp83"