Central Fabricators (CF) Hydraulic Quick-Latch Couplers

9/1/2003 12:00:00 AM

For Users of CF® Hydraulic Quick-Latch Couplers Purchased between September 1994 and October 2003

We have discovered that it is possible to improperly latch the CF Hydraulic Quick-Latch Coupler if operator manual instructions are not followed properly.

The Hydraulic Quick-Latch Coupler could drop an attachment causing serious injury.

It is imperative that you engage the safety latch pin using the correct sequence to ensure that the swing latch functions properly.

If you purchased a CF® Hydraulic Quick-Latch Coupler between September 1994 and September 2003, your coupler needs a Field Update Kit installed as soon as possible. The Update Kit includes two Warning Decals and an Operation Reference Sheet showing proper latching procedures.

Please contact your dealer and request that Update Kit #C43911 be installed. It will be installed free of charge per Woods’ Safety Advisory 2/03. If you have any questions regarding this notice, contact CF Warranty Services at 1-800-782-5454.

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