Woods Loaders, Backhoes & Rear Blades

7/1/2007 12:00:00 AM


  • 255, 1006, 1008, LC108, LC114, LU126, and LU132Loaders
  • BH6000, BH70X, BH80X, and BH90X Backhoes
  • RB750, RB850, RB990, and RB1010 Rear Blades

(Purchased since late February 2007)

Woods has been advised by our hydraulic hose supplier that on certain assemblies, the fitting could separate from the hose during use. This could occur on units shipped after February 20, 2007. To minimize the possibility of serious injury or death, we are replacing the subject hydraulic hose assemblies.

If you have purchased one of the Woods machines listed above since late February, 2007 please contact your dealer and request that your machine’s hydraulic hoses be inspected and if needed, replaced. Hose assembly replacement will be FREE of CHARGE (per Safety Advisory 1/2007).

If you have any questions regarding this Safety Notice, please contact Woods Customer Service at 1-800-319-6637.

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